Tips for Watching the Modules

Technical specifications

The program we used to create these materials is Adobe Presenter. You will need Flash Player, which almost all computers have, and an up-to-date version of your web browser to view our modules. Please see Adobe Presenter’s Tech Spec page for more information on the technical requirements for viewing on various devices.

Viewing modules

Modules automatically start playing when you click on the link. You can pause and resume playing the modules at any time using the play button on the toolbar at the bottom. Likewise, there are buttons on that toolbar that allow you to move forward or back a slide. Volume control is also located on the bottom toolbar. See the image below to see where these are located.

Sidebar tabs

Adobe Presenter has different tabs on the sidebar with different functions when you are viewing a presentation. The Outline tab shows an overview of the slides by their titles. The Thumb tab shows an overview of the slides in thumbnail form. You can use the Outline and Thumb tabs to navigate to different slides when necessary by clicking the slide titles or thumbnails. The Notes tab shows the narration written out for each slide as well as the image credits for that slide. The Search tab allows you to enter and search for words that occur within the module slides. View the image below to see where the tabs are located.

Screenshot of presenter controls.

Advancing slides

There are a few slides with interactive functions that don’t automatically advance on their own. In these cases, the user needs to advance the slide when they are finished – these slides will have notes indicating what action to take.

Navigating Quiz Questions

As long as you allow the presentation to play and proceed forward, there should be no glitches in playback. However, navigating to a slide out of order when on a Quiz Question can be trickier, because the program does not allow going backwards using the bottom toolbar. To circumvent this, you can click on the “Thumb” tab on the sidebar and click on the thumbnail of the slide to get where you need when you are on a Quiz Question.

Reviewing Quiz Questions

You may wonder after you’ve answered a question incorrectly what the correct answer was. If you want to revisit any of the Quiz Questions, you can navigate to them via the Outline tab in the sidebar.  Quiz Questions slides are titled “Quiz”.  Quiz questions that have already been answered have the correct answers indicated and will look like the image below.  By the way, your answers are not saved permanently and each time you play a module in a new session, you have the opportunity to answer Quiz Questions again.

Screenshot of quiz.